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Travel and Transport

Aaquila Care’s Travel and Transportation service is about assisting you to access your communities and to maintain or increase your independence.  Transport and travel are in two categories namely, General and Activity Based Transport.

General transport

This refers to situations where participants are transported from one location to another, where the person providing the transport does not have to continue providing support on arrival (although they may).

Examples include:


A support worker driving a participant to work, a training facility or sport

A participant catching a bus, taxi or Uber to an activity

Participants taking public transport may be able to claim the costs from their NDIS Transport budget (funding category 2).

Activity-Based Transport

This type of transport refers to situations when the person providing the transport will also support the participant at the destination. Activity-based transport (ABT) funding covers the cost of transporting the participant.

Providers may charge for ABT if they are delivering support under the following categories:

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Improved Living Arrangements

Increased Social and Community Participation

Finding and Keeping a Job

Improved Relationships

Improved Learning

Whether you’re after general or activity-based transport, our staff are well trained and equipped to assist go from point A - B and back should you require any of our transportation services

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