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Our Services


Aaquila Care’s Social and recreation supports are key to the NDIS achieving its objective to support people with a disability to achieve independence, social and economic participation. Social and recreation activities are part of everyday life..


Aaquila Care’s Supported independent living is one type of support we provide to help you live in your home. It includes help or supervision with daily tasks, like personal care or cooking meals. It helps you live as independently as possible..


Aaquila Care’s Short-Term Accommodation, including respite, is support for when you need to live out of home for a short period.

Short Term Accommodation funding can be used for respite to support you and your carers. This gives..


Aaquila Care’s Travel and Transportation service is about assisting you to access your communities and to maintain or increase your independence.  Transport and travel are in two categories namely, General and Activity Based Transport...


Aaquila Care’s community nurses are caring professionals who are highly skilled, culturally sensitive, and ready to help. Our community nursing service acts as a bridge between you and the various medical providers involved in your care...


We understand the need and luxury of at home personalised care and would like for you to enjoy same. At Aaquila Care we have a proven history of providing quality service and are proud to say we have some of the best support workers ready and available to..

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At Aaquila Care, our group-based activities are designed to assist and encourage you to join in community, social and recreational activities with a group. The goal is to foster an inclusive and stimulating environment in which you..



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Initially I was scared of using Aaquila care for my key support, they have however proven me wrong. They are very professional, respectful and understand my needs and how I would like to be care for.

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