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Supported Independent Living Accommodation

Aaquila Care’s Supported independent living is one type of support we provide to help you live in your home. It includes help or supervision with daily tasks, like personal care or cooking meals. It helps you live as independently as possible, while building your skills. Supported independent living is for people with higher support needs, who need some level of help at home all the time.


SIL is the paid personal supports. It includes things like having a person to help you with personal care tasks, or cooking meals. SIL can help build these skills too, so you can be more independent.


What does supported independent living include? Supported independent living may include:

help with personal care tasks

support to give you your medication

support for medical appointments

help to action any behaviour support plans you have

help to develop your social skills

support with supervision, personal safety and security

help to build your skills in things like meal preparation and cooking, cleaning, and developing a routine

community access that is not routine or regular, for example, support to complete personal tasks

support to get to and from community access activities, where this is your preference. For example, support to attend hydrotherapy sessions, or to visit family or friends outside of the home

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