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Group Based Activities

Cooking Group:

At Aaquila Care, we offer an exciting cooking group activity in Perth for both individuals and their carers. Whether you are already passionate about cooking in a group or simply enjoy connecting with others while cooking and sharing a meal, our cooking group provides the perfect avenue to achieve your goals. By participating in this fun activity, you can improve your culinary skills while networking and making new friends.

Our cooking group is inclusive and caters to all dietary needs, ensuring that everyone can join in the fun. Whether you're making scones or quiches, our group activity is designed to encourage conversation and connection among fellow food enthusiasts.

- Learn new cooking skills and techniques.
- Meet new people and make friends.
- Small groups and direct support from our staff.
- All tools and ingredients provided.
- Hands-on experience to make your own meal to take home.
- Guided and informative commentary from our staff.
- Improve your culinary skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Days: Every Monday 1pm - 5pm, Saturday upon request
Location: Hillview Intercultural Centre, Bentley

Want to start achieving your goals? Contact us today!

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