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Community Nursing Care

Aaquila Care’s community nurses are caring professionals who are highly skilled, culturally sensitive, and ready to help. Our community nursing service acts as a bridge between you and the various medical providers involved in your care.


Our focus is to deliver unequal care to you in the comfort of your home with particular attention to your personal needs and readiness to listen to you, to better understand how you are feeling, while assessing the best type of clinical care that suits your need.

Community Nursing inclusions


Our community nursing service is tailored to suit your individual health care needs. The aim is for our team of nurses to support you as you live independently in your own home while receiving excellent clinical care. Some examples of the nursing tasks available include:

Medication administration & supervision

Assessment of medications and supplement usage

Tube feeding assistance

Continence assessment and recommendations

Post operative care

Blood pressure, temperature, and blood sugar levels monitoring

Catheter care and management

Wound care

After hospital stay follow ups

Diabetes management

Palliative care support

Our team of nurses are respectful of your rights to dignity, cultural sensitivities, and privacy during their care delivery process. They are professionals in the nursing field delivering optimum care and sensitivity

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